Stellogix website is under construction. We are a company dedicated to help people grow from infants to seniors. We are working hard to redefine our new catalog of products and services for our community and we will be back soon.

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Stellogix is one of the few stores in America where you can find real scientific equipment on display and in stock. We made the store to satisfy your science cravings. Our modern way of life relies on the work of many generations of worldwide scientists and we're here to help perpetuate the tradition. Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Optics, Electronics... You name it. It has a home at Stellogix.


Wondering about 3D Printers but don't know who to ask? Seeking advice to make your home smarter but  don't know where to start. Comes Stellogix. We know the technology behind what makes possible the current technology. And we're here to help. 



Making things happen, transforming life, creating new ways of doing things. Engineering is about solving practical problems using science and technology art& design and math. Stellogix mission is to support Engineers young and adults in their endeavors. 

Art and Design


Think about it! Without Art & Design life would not be enjoyable, objects would not touch our feelings. Art & Design is what makes an object better and enjoyable. Stellogix strive to bring you some of the best products to lighten up your life.


Mathematics is the universal language of the universe. It helps describe our world and is the inner code behind how everything works. From music to astronomy to chemistry to economics Math is everywhere. Some Math applications have yet to be discovered yet. At Stellogix, we can't stress enough how Math is important and parents have to pay close attention to the development of Math Skills at home for kids and adults. We also offer so many math games and tools and brain activities for the whole Family.

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