Orion Awesome AutoGuider Refractor Telescope Package

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The Orion Awesome AutoGuider Package will add tracking accuracy to any astrophotography set-up. Package includes everything you need to autoguide: ShortTube 80 guidescope, StarShoot AutoGuider, guidescope rings & plate, and extension tube for focus.
We can guide you to better quality astrophotos, literally, with our Orion Awesome Autoguider package. No matter what telescope you're using for long-exposure image capture, precise guiding is an absolute requirement to get pinpoint star images. This exclusive package makes autoguiding easy, and its price is easy on your wallet. Package includes Orion ShortTube 80 refractor, StarShoot AutoGuider, 1.25" Extension tube (for focus), Guide scope rings and Guide scope ring mounting bar. If you aspire to be an awesome astrophotographer, get the affordable Awesome Autoguider package today!
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