EDG VR 85 Fieldscope

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Combining Nikon's sophisticated optical technologies with extreme VR (Vibration Reduction) precision has resulted in an optical masterpiece that keeps your viewing world still so you can enjoy the minutest details. With Nikon's superior chromatic-aberration compensation system of ED glass elements with advanced apochromat, field-flattener lens system, advanced multilayer lens and prism coatings and Nikon's original VR system, the new EDG VR 85 is truly a one of a kind Fieldscope for optics connoisseurs and photographers looking for maximum focal length.
Observe detail like never before Nikon VR Technology takes EDG Fieldscope optical superiority to even higher levels EDG VR (Vibration Reduction) greatly reduces external vibrations caused by wind and the operational vibrations occurring during focusing, panning and tilting on a tripod for a superlative viewing experience. For the first time in the world, Nikon incorporates its lens-shift type VR (Vibration Reduction) system—based on technologies developed for NIKKOR VR lenses—into an EDG Fieldscope. View More VR On/Off Example Images (View in a lightbox), Capture a world previously beyond eyes' reach The most extraordinary digiscoping experience ever created Capture breathtaking moments at great distances and with great detail. Match up the EDG VR 85 with the optional Nikon FSA-L2 attachment and you can quickly and easily connect to your Nikon D-SLR camera for comfortable shooting and stunning photos and video. The FSA-L2 adapter provides a 3.5x zoom capable of delivering a focal length range from 500mm to 1,750mm (FX Format) or 750mm to 2,625mm (DX Format) with either Metered Manual or Aperture-Priority Auto Mode—previously unheard of magnification in the world of digital photography., EDG optical quality at its finest Precise vibration sensing mechanism detects and eliminates image blur This system uses two independent Angular Velocity sensors to detect pitching (vertical movement) and yawing (horizontal movement). Both sensors then detect diagonal movements. Upon the detection of movement, the sensors then provide instructions to the two Voice Coil Motors (VCM) that command and control the Vibration Reduction optical system to eliminate the shake or blurring. These sensors are capable of detecting movement every 1/1000 second.
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